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The accountant’s work in the account company is to control current operations and to consult over current questions and in working up tax declarations.
Profit for a Client: absence of an expensive chief accountant in the staff on the permanent basis, as the result, there is economy on accountant’s salary and on charges on equipment of a workplace.

The accounting company carries out constant supervision and conducts consulting support of a Client.

Realities of today allow to say that many entities face a problem of attraction of additional financial resources for the development, with a problem of the analysis of the activity which would allow to estimate the financial position really. It is natural, that one of obligatory conditions for the decision of these problems is presence of the financial reporting which would be really useful and informative for possibility of performance of the above-named problems, and also is clear to an unlimited circle of potential users.
The basic advantages of the reporting made in conformity IFRS is that its presence is the obligatory factor which allows to get the simplified access to the foreign markets of the capital, to raise trust from foreign investors, to lead to depreciation of the extra capital for the companies, to raise comparability of the reporting with other enterprises, to raise a transparency and clearness of the information reflected in the reporting.
The reporting made according to requirements IFRS allows to receive the information on a financial position, financial results, changes in an enterprise financial position. Besides, given reporting is the uniform self-sufficient document which allows potential partners to receive representation about the entity.
It is necessary to notice, that the reporting made according to requirements IFRS, it is necessary not only to potential investors and financial institutions. The reporting on IFRS facilitates understanding of communication between real events and financial reports, improves a transparency for acceptance of administrative decisions, raises quality of the decisions, accepted on the basis of the given reporting.
It is necessary to understand, that process of drawing up of the reporting which would correspond to requirements IFRS , it is combined enough, especially for those experts who did not face earlier the international standards in practice. In this connection, attraction of external experts for initial drawing up of the reporting or introduction of the parallel account is quite defensible step which allows to save entity resources in the future.
We would like to offer you a number of the services, connected with formation of the reporting corresponding IFRS:
  1. Preliminary elaboration of pro forma financial statements of the separate entity and group of the companies, assistance in formation and working out of estimated indicators under the basic approaches applied at formation of the financial reporting. Working out of a accounting policy by the Belarus rules, approached to requirements МСФО;
  2. Elaboration of a transformation model and a system of transformation tables depending on specificity of activity of the entity;
  3. Re-structuring and deepening of existing bookkeeping, managerial and financial accounting in order to conform to the IFRS requirements;
  4. Conversion of the local financial statements into financial statement according IFRS requirements;
  5. Introduction of process of parallel conducting accounting at the entity for requirements of the legislation of Belarus and requirements of the international practice;
  6. The analysis of a financial position of the entity, financial results of its activity and movement of money resources of the entity;
  7. Consultation  concerning accounting and compilation of the IFRS financial reporting.
We may provide our clients either with all the above-mentioned services or with some of them.

Terms of performance of works and their cost will depend on entity structure, from existing system of the accounting and managerial accounts at the entity. We will recommend to you auditor for propose of the international audit in accordance with International Standards of Audit.

Our services

Conducting accounting is a main aspect of accounting services of our organization. Our accounting company completely incurs functions on conducting accounting, preparation and delivery of the accounts of your enterprise. Thus, your company needs just to care of delivery of the primary documentations in time only.



Support of accounting. Our company incurs functions of the chief accountant (including calculation of taxes, preparation and delivery of the accounts), however, the processing of the primary documentation is carried out by your organization.


Restoring accounting is carried out if full accounting corresponding to requirements of the legislation has not been conducted in your organization during a certain period.


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